BASI Written Project

So I was a little taken aback at the volume of people who asked to have a look at the copy of my written project.  Having said that, I wasn’t THAT surprised that people wanted to see what a project looked like, because in my opinion, the criteria on the BASI site and the details they give are pretty vague elusive, much like trying to nail down jelly.

Picture of Andre Santos for no reason at all.

Picture of Andre Santos for no reason at all.

Anyway, since there was massive demand to have a look at it, i have decided to publish it as an ebook on Amazon.  I won’t charge much for it but since it’s pretty much the only published copy out there clearly it has value.

I’m not quite sure how BASI will feel about this but I feel that actually this will work in their favour as they will be able to check for future instances of plagiarism given the date stamp on this blog.

I also hope that this will give people an idea of what a ‘pass’ looks like at the time of writing.  Just so you know, this had to be re-written once to more fully incorporate the ideas of children’s emotional development.  I then tried to link this to the phases of skiing development assuming a child that regularly skis each winter from 4 upwards. (I realise now I didn’t mention this in the report).  From a BASI perspective, hopefully this will mean a better quality of report coming in on the first attempt.