Make a plan and stick to it.

Not sure if I mentioned this last year but at New Year two years ago, Mrs Burrows’ cousin in Australia put something up on Facebook detailing the amazing year he had just had and how he went about it.


No funny photo this blog, just a pic of the contents of my cave. Hmmn, must get rid of some of these…

The gist of it was to write down what you want to achieve, write down how you are going to go about it.  The act of writing it down and committing it to paper has the effect of crystallizing it in the mind and by writing it down, makes it seem more achievable.

So I’ve done my planning already for this coming winter (93 days till the lifts open :)) and I’ve lined up all of the courses that I need to do to get to where I want to be.

So for example, here is a small extract from my list for the coming year;


1.  Level 4 teach – BOOKED
2.  Eurotest
3.  Level 4 technical – BOOKED
4.  3 days logged touring
5.  Written Project – DONE
6.  UKCP Coach level 2 – BOOKED

With each of these goals, there is a separate ‘goal planning’ breakdown about how I am going to get to the level required and what I need to do to make that happen.  It’s a really useful process and it’s already helped me in connection with my written project which I have already done and passed.  1/6th of the way there already!

I have heard of the full ISTD Instructor qualification described as having the equivalence of a degree in skiing, so I suppose it makes sense to have some sort of written project or dissertation in there.  I’m not particularly academic having left school at 18 and gone straight to the City (ahh, good times) so for me it was quite difficult to understand what was needed.  It seems I can write a bit though and for me the biggest challenge was keeping the project at the required size.

I decided to do my project on the following – ‘What children want from their snowsports lessons vs the perception of what snowsports instructors think they want’.  A bit of a wordy title but the data that came out from the children’s survey that I did surprised me a little in terms of the desire for kids to learn freestyle and how important being sociable was to them.

Anyway, I submitted it and after a rewrite to include some things that the examiner wanted to me explore further, I’m pleased to say that I passed it.  I can see the value in doing the project and as long as you are doing it on something that is interesting to you, it can be rewarding.  I’ll certainly be using a number of the findings from my report in my ski and football coaching over the coming year.

If anyone reading this blog would be interested to have a copy, I’ll happily send it to them.

Have a nice autumn, I’m planning on skiing a bit through September, October and November so I’ll update you on what I’m up to.


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