Even the Swiss get excited about new snow

So I’m now writing this winter for Natives as their snow and resort reporter for Chatel and Morgins, as well as providing similar blog content for the Dare2b Mountain Lounge website too.  I’m also in discussions with some guys who do video snow reports which might be a fun thing to do for the season.  Also, getting paid for all of this too….

Last week, my new boss Rolf from my The Morgins Ski and Snowboard School rang me to check my date of birth for some paperwork that he was doing. The conversation turned to general stuff and how he was coping with all of the preparations for the upcoming winter season (I’m heading out there quite early in about 2 weeks time so I am hoping that he’ll need a load of ski tech work doing or some such).

He mentioned that the first snow of winter had arrived in Morgins and that everything had turned white.  At this point I said to Rolf, ‘but hang on Rolf, you’re Swiss, are you telling me that you get excited about the snow coming?’ (Rolf is a greying father of two who has the look of a man who has seen it all)

‘Yes’ he said, ‘I love it when it snows’ and even though he’s probably seen more snow than you can shake a stick at, the enthusiasm in his voice and the obvious big grin that I could hear down the phone line made me genuinely excited about the prospect of the coming season. 

I can’t wait.

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